Chinese Medicine is Safe and Beneficial

chinese-medicineI have been interested in Chinese medicine since my college days. Back then, I have always thought that the traditional medical practices of the Chinese people are safe and effective because they have smooth and glowing skin and many of them live longer compared to other nationalities. Whenever I see Chinese films where the characters are drinking tea, I become more curious about the kind of life that follows eastern traditional practices. Now that I am a mother of a cute and intelligent little boy, I can truly say that the traditional Chinese medical practices are generally safe and truly beneficial. 

When I was a student, I had a discussion with one of my professors and I learned from him so many things about the eastern traditional practices especially those related to health and general wellbeing. I was amazed with these practices work. My former professor shared with me that the traditional Chinese medical practices is encompassing as it includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy, tui na which is a therapeutic massage, and moxibustion which is a practices that used burnt herbs and then applied to acupuncture points. The goal of moxibustion is to apply heat to the body effectively. Moreover, the traditional medicine also includes qi gong and tai chi, which are practices that rely on the combination of mental focus, coordinated breathing, and specific postures or body movement. Is Chinese medicine safe? Well, what made me believe that these medical practices really work is the fact that these are based on philosophy that dates as far back as 2,500 years.  

Since college my days, I have been going to the clinic to have acupuncture. I decided to have regular visits to the clinic because I have learned that acupuncture helps in keeping or restoring the normal flow of blood and energy from the heart to the different systems and organs such as the brain. I can confidently say that acupuncture, which is a traditional practice that involves the insertion of long, very fine and sterile needles on specific points of the body, is effective in maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. Every time I come out of the clinic after an acupuncture session, I always feel like I was supplied with lots of energy. I also feel like I don’t have any stiff muscles and aching joints. In the long run, my regular visits to the clinic for acupuncture has allowed me to be very strong and calm and, thus, able to do a lot of things and tasks without feeling too much stress and body pain.  

When was also a student, I have tried tai chi but weren’t able to do it on a regular basis so I cannot really say if it has helped me or not. But that was then. When I started living a married life, I also started practicing tai chi on a regular basis. There are times that I miss to do it but most days of the week I am able to practice Tai chi. After a few months of doing it, I can say that I have better focus at work and I have better control of my body and muscles. Most of the time, I am able to follow proper posture and aware of the necessary to take short breaks from time to time. With the traditional medical practices I have been doing, I can say that I am living a better life in terms of having better immune system and healthier body, which greatly help me in accomplishing my tasks more efficiently.  

With the many things I learned and have experienced with regards to traditional Chinese medical practices, I can say that these have provided and are continuously providing me numerous benefits such as improvement in my overall health condition, focus and concentration, potency, immune system health, muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and many others. What makes these practices beneficial and advantageous are the facts that all-natural materials are used and no artificial foreign material is taken inside the body. Because natural materials, such as leaves and other herbal products, are used, the body is far safer as compared to when using synthetic drugs. Yes, there may be side effects but these are very minor especially if compared to the negative side effects that we get form over the counter or even prescribed medicines.  

Another benefit of traditional Chinese medical practices is the fact these practices also focus on the root cause of any illness and, thus, are able to provide heal effectively and safely. On the other hand, modern medicine always or general focus on treating the symptoms of the illness or disease.  

With all these, I can say that my many years of practicing traditional Chinese medical practices has greatly helped me in terms of maintaining a very healthy and able body.  

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