How I Stumbled Upon an Effective Back Pain Treatment

Working as a professor requires me to stand and sit for a lot of hours every day. At the university, I have to stand in front of the students while giving them my lectures. At the office, I have to stand for several hours to do paper works such as journals, research papers, student records, and others. Even though I always strive to sit properly, there are many times that I sit in a way that my back hurts after some time. When at home, I have to attend to my little kids. There are also many times that I have to carry them just to keep them away from minor accidents inside the house. Being at their very young age, we all know that they are so energetic and moves all the time. So imagine how difficult it for me to stay and rest for a few minutes when at home. With all these, I suffered from back pains that I thought I can address by taking medications.

Because most of us are after accessibility and convenience, I tried taking over the counter medicines just to combat the irritating back pains. They also cause discomfort in the way I feel every day. My performance at school is affected and the way I care about my kids at home is also significantly affected. When I realized that my every day is not as normal as before, I consulted with my husband and asked him about the best way to address my situation. He mentioned about a back pain treatment that has helped his colleague at work. He told me about physical therapy which is also known as physiotherapy and its numerous powers in helping people heal and recover from muscle and joint pains, sports and other kinds of injuries, and other known diseases. He also shared with me valuable information about the credible and reliable physical therapy clinics in our area. It made me feel hopeful because it means that I don’t have to go to nearby cities just to look for a clinic that offers excellent physical therapy and other related treatments.

The next day, I took my laptop and searched online about the nearest and most established physiotherapy clinic in our area. I did not have difficulty in having a short list of the names that are claimed to be excellent in providing back pain treatments and other physical therapy services. Because contact information are on their websites, I chose one and contact them immediately. I had my appointment scheduled the coming weekend. The day before my schedule, the pain in my back started bothering me again. This really pushed me to visit the clinic based on the appointment I have scheduled with them.

On the day of my schedule, I met a friendly and good looking practitioner of physical therapy. Though she is in her 40s she doesn’t look her age. After some introductions she instructed me to narrate my condition and situation. So I told her everything I do at work and at home and how these resulted to back pains. She then discussed with me what physical therapy is all about and how it can effectively help patients recover from unhealthy conditions without having the need to take dozes of tablets, syrups or injectables. I was amazed when she said that I only have to perform certain sets of exercises on a regular basis and I will recover from the back pains that have been bothering me and causing me discomfort.

When I came home, I was happy and excite to try the exercises. I shared with my husband everything I have learned at the clinic. It has been more than a month now and am impressed with the results. Aside from the exercises, I was also instructed to follow proper posture when sitting and standing. Nowadays, I am able to focus in everything I do because there are no back pains that take my attention. I have also become more flexible because I can now do movements that I found difficult to execute before.

With everything that has happened to me after I tried the powerful treatment of physiotherapy, I couldn’t be more thankful because it has greatly improved my life at work and at home.

Back pain is just one of the many health problems that can cause paralysis to our daily routine. This goes to show that any issue concerning our health must be dealt with immediately. Getting the right medical advice and treatment is best so that the main problem is addressed accurately. Also, reading updates about the latest trends in health care and wellness can help achieve a healthy lifestyle. You can read topics like these when you click here.

Chinese Medicine is Safe and Beneficial

chinese-medicineI have been interested in Chinese medicine since my college days. Back then, I have always thought that the traditional medical practices of the Chinese people are safe and effective because they have smooth and glowing skin and many of them live longer compared to other nationalities. Whenever I see Chinese films where the characters are drinking tea, I become more curious about the kind of life that follows eastern traditional practices. Now that I am a mother of a cute and intelligent little boy, I can truly say that the traditional Chinese medical practices are generally safe and truly beneficial. 

When I was a student, I had a discussion with one of my professors and I learned from him so many things about the eastern traditional practices especially those related to health and general wellbeing. I was amazed with these practices work. My former professor shared with me that the traditional Chinese medical practices is encompassing as it includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy, tui na which is a therapeutic massage, and moxibustion which is a practices that used burnt herbs and then applied to acupuncture points. The goal of moxibustion is to apply heat to the body effectively. Moreover, the traditional medicine also includes qi gong and tai chi, which are practices that rely on the combination of mental focus, coordinated breathing, and specific postures or body movement. Is Chinese medicine safe? Well, what made me believe that these medical practices really work is the fact that these are based on philosophy that dates as far back as 2,500 years.  

Since college my days, I have been going to the clinic to have acupuncture. I decided to have regular visits to the clinic because I have learned that acupuncture helps in keeping or restoring the normal flow of blood and energy from the heart to the different systems and organs such as the brain. I can confidently say that acupuncture, which is a traditional practice that involves the insertion of long, very fine and sterile needles on specific points of the body, is effective in maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. Every time I come out of the clinic after an acupuncture session, I always feel like I was supplied with lots of energy. I also feel like I don’t have any stiff muscles and aching joints. In the long run, my regular visits to the clinic for acupuncture has allowed me to be very strong and calm and, thus, able to do a lot of things and tasks without feeling too much stress and body pain.  

When was also a student, I have tried tai chi but weren’t able to do it on a regular basis so I cannot really say if it has helped me or not. But that was then. When I started living a married life, I also started practicing tai chi on a regular basis. There are times that I miss to do it but most days of the week I am able to practice Tai chi. After a few months of doing it, I can say that I have better focus at work and I have better control of my body and muscles. Most of the time, I am able to follow proper posture and aware of the necessary to take short breaks from time to time. With the traditional medical practices I have been doing, I can say that I am living a better life in terms of having better immune system and healthier body, which greatly help me in accomplishing my tasks more efficiently.  

With the many things I learned and have experienced with regards to traditional Chinese medical practices, I can say that these have provided and are continuously providing me numerous benefits such as improvement in my overall health condition, focus and concentration, potency, immune system health, muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and many others. What makes these practices beneficial and advantageous are the facts that all-natural materials are used and no artificial foreign material is taken inside the body. Because natural materials, such as leaves and other herbal products, are used, the body is far safer as compared to when using synthetic drugs. Yes, there may be side effects but these are very minor especially if compared to the negative side effects that we get form over the counter or even prescribed medicines.  

Another benefit of traditional Chinese medical practices is the fact these practices also focus on the root cause of any illness and, thus, are able to provide heal effectively and safely. On the other hand, modern medicine always or general focus on treating the symptoms of the illness or disease.  

With all these, I can say that my many years of practicing traditional Chinese medical practices has greatly helped me in terms of maintaining a very healthy and able body.  

Try Out These Exercises to Lose Weight

weight-lossWhen you search online for tips to lose weight, you can easily find many so-called methods, either through diet or exercise. However, it can be very difficult for someone who is not well-versed in fitness regimens to understand some of these websites. Moreover, with many different diet fads, it can be even more difficult to know which ones are really effective.

A fitness blog can be very helpful in explaining different exercises that are great for losing weight if you are determined to do it at home by yourself. If you are looking to work out in the gym, you can also turn to a trainer to help you out.

If you want to lose weight through exercise, you might want to consider starting these:

  1. Jogging

The popularity of this sport is evidence enough of how effective it is. If you do not have hours to spend in the gym, this is also the best approach for you. Just by running for 30 minutes to 1 hour will help burn calories. It is, however, very important to do it properly to achieve your goals. 

You have to do it regularly, around 2 to 3 times a week. Doing it only one time weekly is not enough. You might need to ease into the exercise, and this is not bad. Your body will need a bit of time to get used to running, and after a few weeks, you notice that it becomes easier for you. Once this happens, you can increase the intensity to also burn more fat.

  1. Swimming

You might not realize it, but trying to move in the water takes much more effort than out of the water. When you do laps, you can work out your whole body and burn so many calories. You will need to do it around 30-60 minutes, 4 times a week. Like jogging, you will need to train yourself because in the beginning, you will find it difficult to do more than a few laps. Should this happen, simply take a break and then swim again. 

Take note, however, that swimming has to be combined with a good diet to succeed in losing weight. The problem is, you end up being so tired and hungry while swimming that many eat the calories they had just burned. Remember, to lose pounds, you have to burn more calories than you eat.

  1. Abdominal Exercises

Most people want to reduce the fat in the middle, which is also the most difficult to achieve. Abdominal crunches have always been popular in making the belly smaller, but when it comes to losing weight, you would have to combine it with a low-calorie diet. This is the only way you can make sure that you are burning more than you are eating.

Moreover, by strengthening your abs, you are improving your metabolism, which helps a lot in burning fat. In order to make your abdominal exercises even more effective, avoid sitting down and engage the rest of your body. This way, you are using more muscles and you end up burning more calories in the process. Also, balancing it with other exercises that build your muscles’ strength will lead to even better results.

  1. Cycling

If you are looking for an exercise that would not take much time from you, try cycling to work. Not only are you escaping traffic and traveling with no carbon footprint, but you are also losing weight in the process. Like swimming, this is a low-impact exercise that you can do as often as you want. The number of calories you burn is dependent on the distance, the speed, and the complexity of your ride. Of course, if you are cycling up a hill, you stand to lose more weight. This is because you strengthen muscles more than biking on a flat street, and this leads to more fat burned. If you bike for half an hour to an hour can even lead to better results than jogging. 

  1. HIIT

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, the most popular way to lose weight in the gym in a short amount of time. Your exercise basically switches between high- and low-intensity workouts. In the beginning, you will also find the high-intensity parts difficult, so doing it for 30 seconds are enough. But you need to really push yourself until you are almost gasping for breath. Afterward, you can take it easy (either by taking a break or doing an easier exercise) for the same amount of time before starting the process again. Over time, you will find it easier and you can do longer intervals. Doing around 4-6 rounds is all you need to burn calories. In fact, you can say goodbye to having to work out 10 times longer, because HIIT can achieve more results than 30-minute low-intensity workouts.

These 5 exercises are highly recommended because of their proven ability to help you lose weight. In fact, most of these will not even require a gym membership and can also be incorporated into your daily routine, like biking. So attain your weight loss goals now by trying them out!

To read more articles on health and beauty click here. You will surely learn a lot of tips and information which you can use in keeping up a healthy life.

Health and Beauty Comparison Shopping


There isn’t any dearth of merchandises when shopping online. All you want right from pins and clips to furniture and air conditioners are accessible in the tap of the mouse. All you require is an internet connection and a computer. In the world of today’s you CAn’t discount the value of the World Wide Web. It actually comes as no real surprise that more and more consumers are turning online where they are able to compare and determine for themselves which products they need. Attractiveness comparison shopping and wellness has chosen the beauty and well-being sector by surprise in the way consumers react when offered the choice to compare and choose the things that they desire.

The main idea when shopping for such products is quality. You’d not need to use low-cost products that are marked down. Wellness and attractiveness comparison shopping lets you see and comprehend what ingredients go into preparing your attractiveness merchandise. This may provide you with a notion of the cogency of the merchandise. You are able to do this with every single thing and eventually you can rest sure that you’ve picked the finest of the bunch at a lowly cost than that which you used to purchase when you decide on one.

You can browse till you locate the website that’s selling it at the least expensive cost when picking up a prescription medicine. In this way, you get just what you would like and save money also.

Attractiveness comparison shopping and wellness offers the choice of choosing from several directories full of a large number of products to select from. The customer has a huge assortment through which he is able to select the brand and in the cost he needs.

No confusions.

This is an overall premise that if something is on the internet it must undoubtedly not be expensive. This might be accurate in certain instances but not others. There’s a broad assortment and you’d proceed with the same thing, in the event you favor something you’ve always used even in the event the cost is high. Attractiveness comparison shopping and wellness is the solution. It’s always possible to select different products from the exact same brand but with costs that are distinct. You also might feel like attempting a merchandise from a different brand when it offers the same but in a bundle that is lower priced.