5 Health Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons

drum-lessonsEveryone knows how beneficial music it to our lives whether we are passive participants in the appreciation of music or are active participants to their creation. While not everyone can truly be a musician or a music genius, it is nevertheless possible to learn. And when it comes to learning how to create music, one of the easiest and most fulfilling musical instruments to learn to play with is the drum. I know you’re going to say that playing the guitar is a lot easier. Some of you may even say playing wind instruments is easier. But hear me out first.

There’s a reason why I said learning to play the drums is easy. It is actually the very first musical instrument that prehistoric man learned to play by beating two stones together to create a particular rhythm that mimicked the rhythm of life – the rhythmic pulsations of our heart beat. Then, man took 2 large sticks and beat it on a flat surface creating a more distinct pattern. Now, if our prehistoric ancestors were able to create music with just two rudimentary sticks and a flat hard surface, how hard can it be to learn drums today? And if you’re going to seek the services of a professional drummer who provides superb drum lessons south east Melbourne, then you know how easy it could be.

However, there are 5 more important reasons why you simply need to take drumming lessons. And, don’t ever think that drumming is only for males. There are plenty of women drummers out there. And even if I myself am not a drummer, I can say that drumming, especially cardio drumming, has given me quite a lot of health benefit. Here are 5 of them.

  1. Makes us happy. 

Drumming requires us to make full use of all of our limbs, trying to coordinate the different muscles that make up our arms and legs. This exercises the muscles and helps improve the delivery of oxygen to very important body organs such as the brain, the heart, and the kidneys. Increased oxygenation to the brain helps in the more efficient synthesis and secretion of certain neurotransmitters that play a role in the regulation of our mood. Studies now show that when we play the drums, the activity in our brain takes on a very characteristic patterns which indicates euphoria and a general feeling of well-being. The alpha waves that are seen in our brains have been shown to coincide with the rise in the levels of endorphins and enkephalins which are substances known to help us feel happy. 

  1. Helps us feel more relaxed. 

One particular study showed that individuals who play the drums for at least one hour can have their levels of stress hormones significantly reduced. While I do understand the scepticism of some regarding the results of studies like these, it should be understood that an improvement in tissue oxygenation generally leads to relaxation as the cells of the different organs, particularly the muscles, become more efficient in the performance of their physiologic processes. Another reason why drumming can produce a feeling of relaxation is the enhanced synthesis and secretion of endorphins and enkephalins which act on the different tissues to produce relaxation. You can just put it this way. When we exercise, the very first thing that we often feel is that we’re tired. However, with time, this feeling is replaced with a more relaxed sensation. The same thing can be said of drumming. 

  1. Helps control pain, especially chronic ones. 

Endorphins are substances in the body that have opiate-like properties. Well, technically, these substances are known to be our body’s endogenous or natural opiates which are functionally similar to exogenous opiates like morphine. If you have heard of the popular maxim about laughter being the best medicine and how laughing at your pain can actually help you not feel the pain, then you have an idea of the concept of endogenous opiates. These substances block the pain transmission or communication pathway in our brain so that the pain signal is not registered or is not recognized by the brain. In effect, we are disrupting the communication line between the painful part and our brain. When this is disrupted, then we don’t feel pain. Drumming has been shown to do this by boosting the levels of natural endorphins in our body. 

  1. Boosts our immune system. 

I once had a chat with a neurologist who happens to be a drummer-enthusiast himself. He told me that a particularly study showed that drumming can boost the body’s immune defences particularly the natural T-cells. I remembered in my anatomy and physiology class that there are a variety of T-cells in the body. There are helper T-cells to cytotoxic T-cells and other T-lymphocytes. These immune system cells can help us ward off infections as well as the proliferation of cancer cells. 

  1. Helps stimulate our creativity. 

Let’s face it, playing music is all about expressing our creativity. This helps us enhance the different cognitive processes of the brain by maintaining the communication lines between neurons and between regions of the brain.

Drumming has many health benefits. These are just 5 of them. So the next time someone asks you what instrument you play, you can rightfully feel proud to say that you’re playing the drums.

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